The improvement of histo-pathological and cyto-pathological preparations at European level, which is the goal of the TASTE project, must recognize definite landmarks, since one should acknowledge that no preparation can properly be defined as "perfect". The Project is accordingly pursuing the goal of an "acceptable level", i.e. of preparations permitting sound and reproducible diagnoses.
Tests/examples of artifacts preventing correct diagnoses are here presented. The selection of cases and artifacts has been made by the TASTE Scientific Committee, composed by:

  • Prof. Giovanni Bussolati, Italy (Scientific Coordinator)
  • Prof. Anna Sapino, Italy
  • Prof. Fatima Carneiro, Portugal
  • Prof. Fernando Schmitt, Portugal
  • Prof. Carmen Ardelanu, Romania
  • Prof. Maria Comanescu, Romania
  • Dr. Francesco Feoli, Belgium
  • Prof. Tibor Tot, Sweden

TASTE Project Manager: Dr. Emanuela Ovcin

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